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Dr Claire Spencer MChD/BChD BSc

Claire is a qualified dentist (GDC registered) and is fully trained and insured to provide facial aesthetic procedures aswell as cosmetic dentistry.

Trained by Dr Raj Acquilla, whom is a global leader in medical aesthetics, facial contouring and non surgical facelifts, Claire really has been trained by one of the best in the world.

She is passionate about providing quality care and treatment plans that are tailored to each individual. She treats the face as an entirety and holistically, in combination with recommendations regarding medical grade skin care and/or fat dissolving injections.

As Dr Claire is a doctor she is able to prescribe Anti-wrinkle injections, B12 injections and provide dental blocks for completely pain free lip injections.

Claire is also able to dissolve poorly placed and offers correctional work.

Claire has a fantastic reputation at building rapport with patients, and ensures they feel at ease before treatment commences.

Soon to start Aesthetic clinics with a “no rush” attitude please feel free to get in touch regarding availability.

Feel free to look at her work on her Instagram page



Wrinkle Relaxing using Botulinum Toxin A is a non-surgical treatment for lines caused by dynamic movement and can be used to:

– smooth lines between your brows
– reduce your forehead lines and crows feet
– correct your downturned mouth
– soften upper lip lines (smokers lines)

The skin appears smoother and the wrinkle lines less prominent, giving you a younger looking appearance. The ideal result softens and takes out wrinkles, but still leaves some natural expressions.


1 area – £120

2 areas – £180

3 areas – £220


Full lips have long been considered a sign of beauty and youth and often add the finishing touches to full facial rejuvenation by softening and balancing the lower face.

Lip enhancement and restoration will help to:

– achieve a more defined smile
– turn the corners of the mouth upwards
– give lips a more youthful looking, radiant appearance
– make thin lips appear fuller

Fuller lips can be achieved in a single session.

The simple, pain free treatment will sees a small amount of Hyaluronic Acid filler injected into your lip by our qualified nurse practitioner.


£150 1/2ml    £225 1ml


Our injectable cheek fillers will provide a natural looking and lasting anti-ageing solution, instantly lifting your cheeks and restoring lost volume.

Fillers are useful in re-establishing the shape of the cheek around the orbital rim, where the signs of aging often begin, mid face and cheekbones to contour definition.

I typically place fillers under the muscle in this area to offer a lifting affect in the lower face created by Myo-Modulation of the facial muscles. This is a revolutionary concept of using dermal fillers to enhance whilst maintaining natural results by creating improved facial expressions and avoiding being over filled. I don’t just fill lines, we assess why they are there. Typically caused by a combination of fat and bone loss, and aim to address the root cause.

Thicker hyaluronic-acid-based gels like Voluma or Aliaxin Essential Volume  are longer lasting and ideal for resculpting the cheek and building volume. The result, which lasts on average from 6-18 months, if not more, is contoured cheeks, giving way to a more youthful appearance.

Both hyaluronic acid injectables and collagen-stimulating fillers can reinstate definition to the cheeks, giving a more defined profile and a similar look to what’s achieved with fat without surgery .


£225 1ml 

£400 2ml (usual dose) 

Jawline, Temple, Tear Trough, Nasolabial, Skin Booster treatments are also available. 

£225 1ml 

£400 2ml

£550 3ml

£725 4ml

£900 5ml 

B12 Injections available 


Our bodies require a daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals in order to properly function. If one of these vitamins is deficient, it can result in serious health problems. Most of our B12 comes from meat in our diet. Those who are unable to absorb an adequate amount of B12 due to dietary restrictions or health problems may need to get a natural supplement through a B12 shot. The shot is a quick way to get your B12 levels back to where they should be. An injection of B12 can bring on immediate health benefits.

  • Increases Energy Levels And Concentration

If you are constantly lethargic even after a full night of sleep, you may have need B12 shots. This vitamin is required in the production of red blood cells. Red blood cells transport oxygen around your body, providing the fuel your cells need to produce energy. A loss of red blood cell production will create symptoms of low energy and inability to concentrate.

  • Improves Metabolism And Helps With Weight Loss

A deficiency of the B12 vitamin causes anemia. An anemic individual can not efficiently convert fats and proteins into energy. This leads to the frustrating situation of difficulty losing weight despite regular exercise and a good diet.

  • Boosts The Immune System

A lack of B12 interferes with your body’s ability to produce white blood cells. These cells are essential in fighting off infections and keeping your immune system in good working order. If you find yourself getting sick more often than usual or having allergies where you previously had none, you may need a B12 shot.

  • Helps Improve Sleep Patterns

Tryptophan is the amino acid found in foods like turkey that makes you drowsy. Our body manufactures tryptophan naturally, and it’s a big part of what helps you fall asleep at night. Vitamin B12 is a major factor in the tryptophan production process. B12 injections can help you go from restless nights to getting a good night sleep.

As a dentist Dr Claire also offers Invisalign, teeth whitening and composite bonding smile makeovers – offering free consultations at the Elysium including detailed explanations, prices and terms. Appointments for this work to be carried out at The fold Practice in Manchester or Great Harwood.

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Clinic Dates will be advertised on this website news and offers page here