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7th Sept 2020

As from tomorrow 8th September we can now offer all treatments on the face (apart from threading) Its been a long time since we could offer facial treatments and we want to make sure you are safe to have any tinting, lifting or glue treatments. We will be patch testing everyone just to be safe xx

21st July 2020

As you will be aware it is now compulsory to wear face coverings from the 24th July, however please feel free to wear them from now should you wish too, if you don’t have one we can provide them at a small charge.  We have also got the news that we can now offer face treatments from 1st August 2020.  We have made the decision to skin test all clients having tints or glue (lash clients) as a safety measure….. Please also see info on expired vouchers by clicking here

10th July 2020

Ok we are ready!!!!! Please bare with us on this lengthy post; we have lots of information to share with you…

Lots has changed within the business during this time off, it’s been a time for everyone to rethink what they are doing and why they are doing it, which is totally understandable.

Both Jodie and Katelyn have decided it’s time to set up new ventures of their own, we have all had some great times over the years both in and out of work and I personally wish them both, all the very best.

We are excited to announce that we have Stefanie White returning to us after travelling and a stint working on the cruise ships. Steff will be coming back full time with a wealth of knowledge picked up around the globe and bringing some new ideas with her.

Please click here to our Team Page of our  website… where you can find out all the information on all our therapists, hair stylist and in-house professionals.

So, what changes have we made in the salon…….

We have reworked the nail room so there are only 2 stations offering nails and pedicures (opposite ends of the room) giving us the two meter space required.  Our therapists will then work in one beauty room for their shift and obviously sanitise the space after every client.

Government guidelines state we need to wear a full visor which will be sanitised after each client, we don’t need to wear a mask additionally to this. We are not required to wear gloves as hand washing is a much more effective method of controlling the virus. Clients are not required to wear a face covering however please do if you so wish, but please do not come with gloves on, as we require you to wash your hands.

We have a ‘no touch’ temperature checker, everyone working that day will check their own temperatures and we will zap you on your arrival to check yours, this is to give you the confidence that we are all fighting fit so we can treat you.

We ask you on entering the salon (after we have zapped you) to wash your hands in the bathroom, drying your hands with the newly fitted hand dryer. The girls will have cleaned down from the client before you so the area will be safe for your treatment. Unfortunately we will not be offering drinks or magazines due to the risk of contamination, however if you would like to bring your own please do so.

It is your choice to come to our salon, by coming you must please adhere to our policies at all times.

In order to keep the amount of people in the salon to a minimum, we are no longer allowing clients to pop in to make appointments or purchase vouchers, please call or message on facebook and we will organise this for you.

Please also come to your appointment alone.

We ask you to please be on time, if you drive to the salon please wait in your car until the time of your appointment, if you are late this may mean we have to cancel your appointment.  Please be very sure you can make your appointment upon booking, we are happy to change appointments with a 24 our notice period, but in the unlikely event that you miss your appointment or are late I’m sorry but we will enforce our cancelation policy and you will be charged in full for this…. We really don’t want to do this so please be responsible for the appointments you make.

We will of course honour all vouchers and prepaid services that were not delivered due to the closure. We closed our doors on March 21st, I’m sorry if your voucher expired before this they will not be honoured, however all vouchers will have been extended for 4 months as a good will gesture.

Our hair Stylist Vicky is separate to the beauty business so please don’t contact the main salon number and only use the contact details for her direct, details can be found on the Team Page attached.

As per government website we cannot take bookings for the following treatments,

  • Facial treatments this includes waxing/threading
  • Brow and Lash Treatments
  • Elemis and caci Facials
  • Dermaplaning
  • Makeup application
  • Semi Permanent Makeup

We are open for all other treatments which include:-

  • Nails:- Gel polish, manicure and nails enhancements
  • Pedicures
  • Body Waxing (inc our NEW exciting outback organics Intimate Waxing )
  • All Massage (inc body scrubs)

As we are not fully back in the salon yet… please do not call the salon until next week (Tuesday 14th), however please DO message us on facebook with your desired treatment, best time/day with your mobile number, we do ask you reply promptly, so we can get your appointment booked in as quickly as possible as we will be doing this from home. Please understand that if you don’t reply promptly someone else may get this appointment.

Our diary is open from tomorrow (Saturday 11th) to make appointments, we will get through all the messages if we can. Lisa will be contacting all her regular clients over the next few days, please be patient with her.

Lastly it’s been a tough time for lots of people, particularly people in our industry have been hit hard.

If you can’t yet have your regular treatment, why not treat yourself to something different, as we would love to see you, we have missed you all!!

Where you can please also think about other local businesses you can help and let’s get our Beautiful town back …… if you can shop local, buy local, support local please do just that, if everyone did this we’ll be back up and running in no time, take care everyone, stay safe and see you all very soon xxx

24th June 2020

Hi everyone, yesterday’s news came as a bit of a shock to us all, and totally unexpected, however we just need to crack on and do what we can. There’s been so many changes already within the business, as with most businesses right now in these strange times people are finding they need to adapt and make changes to suit their personal situations, which is totally understandable. The beauty side of the business will remain closed until further notice from the government.
As per guidelines the hairdressing part is reopening on July 4th……. Unfortunately we have lost our Abby due to family commitments and needing to be closer to home, she will be sadly missed but will be contacting her clients over the next couple of days so please be patient with her.
We have Vicky Witherington joining the team, Vicky will be taking on new clients, however she will be prioritising her own clients first.
This is Vicky’s Facebook page
(please give it a like and a share if you wish) where she will be able to keep you informed of availability and all the information you require on your first appointment, please message Vicky direct on 07943344969 or on her social media page with any questions you may have.
Vicky joined us to work alongside Abby, and we extended the space to comfortably have two hairdressers….. With Abby’s situation no longer being practical we have an opportunity for a self-employed hairdresser with their own client base to join our team to work with Vicky on a full time basis. If this us of any interest to you or you know somebody who maybe interested please email Laura on in the first instance for an informal chat.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon xxx

24th June 2020 – Elysium Hair Boutique

Hi everyone….. following the government guidelines I will be opening on the 4th July, unfortunately the beauty side of the business will remain closed until further notice.
I have called most of you already or are in the process of doing this, please be patient. I just wanted to inform you all of how things will work in the salon. Please arrive on time for your appointment, not early or late, come through the main door of the salon and take a seat in reception to the right. Once I have sanitised from the previous client I will come and collect you, first I will take your temperature (this is with a ‘no touch’ gun) it simply takes a reading of your temperature on your forehead. I will also be taking my temperature every morning this is to give us both confidence we are fighting fit. If however you do have a temperature or have any of the symptoms or you feel generally unwell please let me know as soon as you can and we will rearrange your appointment. I will ask you to arrive with a mask, if you don’t have one I will be providing masks at a £1 each (cost price). Please do not arrive with gloves, and on arrival I’ll ask you to wash your hands (I will do the same). I will be wearing a visor and there will be a minimum of 1 meter between clients with a separating screen. I wont be able to offer you drinks or magazines, however you wish to bring your own please do. I take cash payments as before but additionally I can now take card payments. As always there may be things I will need to tweak in the coming days before opening and will inform you of any changes as and when I have them. I literally cannot wait to get back to work and see you all….. lots of love Vicky xxx