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Semi Permanent makeup is the procedure designed to naturally enhance the features of the face and is great for:-

  • every woman who wants to look great 24hours a day
  • for anyone with makeup allergies
  • for sports women
  • for woman with poor eyesight
  • for women who wish to recreate their youthful features
  • for women who wish to extend shape or definition to existing features

Suzanne white

Suzanne qualified as a beauty therapist in 1989 and has specialised in semi permanent make up for over fifteen years. An expert in her field Suzanne attends regular courses and seminars ensuring she offers the latest and most up to date techniques.

Using the most advanced digital technology constantly guarantees the highest standards of workmanship, hygiene and safety, whilst providing outstanding results. Suzanne has also ‘corrected’ other peoples work if something has unfortunately gone wrong…

Suzanne is a member of the “db & Associates” an elite team of technicians across the UK. dedicated to upholding industry standards and providing Centres of Excellence for semi permanent make up.

Suzanne works on a freelance basis across the North West and here at the Elysium. To book an appointment please call the salon on 850555 with your availability and we will get back to you with a suitable date.

Please take a look at Suzanne’s Facebook page to see her work, any questions again please call the salon or Suzanne Direct…

please note that there are many questions answered on her website, please visit Suzanne’s website here.


Microblading is a technique that uses a hand tool instead of a digital machine as with semi permanent make up. It creates beautiful fine delicate strokes which will help redefine uneven sparse brows. The technique is more superficial than semi permanent make up and may not last as long. It is perfect for people who have poor shaped, over plucked, patchy brows that need to be enhanced.

With both treatments your brows with be professionally measured and drawn and the treatment will not commence until you are 100% happy with the design.

The Anti ageing benefits of both semi permanent make up and microblading can be remarkable. Helping to replace those youthful features which can fade over over time. Eyebrows can be lifted  and the shape enhanced, lips defined and made fuller, and your eyes emphasised revealing a fresher look.

If you want the confidence to look and feel great 24 hours a day with perfectly enhanced features than this is the ideal treatment for you .

Price list is as follows: Semi Permanent

New procedures Eyebrows £325
Lipliner £325
Eye Lash Enhancement (very soft line through the lashes) £300
Eye Liner (top and bottom) £350 (includes eyelash enhancement)
Eye Liner top only £250 – bottom only £200
Beauty Spot £75


Top up Treatments:

First top up treatment (within 3 months) £75
Treatment within 1 year £125
Treatment after 1 year £175
Treatment after 2 years £250
Tratment after 3 years – full cost applies

Price list is as follows: Microblading 

New procedures Eyebrows £250

Top up £65