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This link isn’t something we offer in the salon, however we know only too well the amount of people suffering with the stresses and strains in everyday life, Fears and phobias, weight loss, quit smoking, stress, anxiety, depression, habits, addictions……. Natalie Walton can help with all sorts of problems, we wanted to promote her on our website, please read the info below and click the link to take a look at what is offered and how she can help in more detail.

“When you love yourself and truly accept yourself for who you are, your life’s purpose falls into place” – Be YOU Be Free.

My name is Natalie Walton and my aim is to get successful results for my clients. I take a solution based approach and pride myself on being non-judgemental, professional and dedicated to each and every one of my clients. I treat clients from all walks of life, all ages from 10 years to 89 years old, male and female and gained success with every one of them. I feel certain I will improve your life with 100% commitment from you.

I offer a FREE 30 minute consultation. This gives you a chance to meet me, ask any questions and see if I am the right therapist for you.

Here at Be YOU Be Free Therapies your needs are carefully listened to so the therapist can get a sound understanding of your issue. It may seem silly speaking about it at first but we have dealt with all kinds of issues and are not easily shocked. You will soon feel completely at ease and we can decide on the right therapeutic approach for you.

We offer hypnosis, neuro linguistic programming, time line therapy, life coaching and reiki. Each therapy is very effective on its own or when combined with each other.

Be YOU Be Free therapies excellence lies in its ability to promptly identify the clients core issue and efficiently transform old patterns of behaviour to new more positive ones.

Clients present issues such as anxiety, phobias of needles, lifts, flying or going outdoors, depression, weight loss, quit smoking, low self esteem, OCD, excessive drinking, binge eating, IBS, panic disorder and many more.

The success in our method is providing clients with a toolkit to feel they can cope in any situation.


Certified Master Hypnotist

Certified Practitioner in NLP

Certified Practitioner in Time Line therapy

Certified Practitioner in Life Coaching

Graduate Diploma Psychology

Bachelor Arts with Honours  Applied Social Studies

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