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Hi Brow Shaping

HiBrows is a high-precision procedure that transforms even the most unruly brows  into their perfect shape, dramatically enhancing your facial features. Whoever you are, Hi Brows puts celebrity beauty within your reach. based on a combination of seven unique procedures, this isn’t just shaping and tidying – this is eyebrow artistry! Please note that this treatment a patch test is required 24 hours before appointment – 30 mins – £25 We recommend a top up for hi brow every 6 weeks if you book you 6 week appointment the treatment is discounted to £20


eyebrow_threading3Threading is an ancient, eastern hair removal technique. The process requires the use of cotton thread which is rolled and twisted along the surface of the skin, lifting hairs and precisely removing them one by one. Threading is laser accurate and the results are magnificent. Since scientific results of premature wrinkling and aging, due to waxing, have surfaced, threading has regained popularity because it compliments our healthy lifestyles by not contributing to any negative effects of the skin. Threading is highly recommended for those using prescription acne treatments such as Accutane, Renova or Retin-A, or for anyone who has had any complications with other types of hair depilation. With threading, you are not likely to have any allergic or adverse reactions due to any medication. We also thread lips, chins, sides of face, or any area on the face. Click here for hair removal

Eyebrow shape – this is a basic eyebrow tidy and not to be confused with Hi-Brow….. Eyebrows are very fashionable, but please be aware we can only shape your eyebrows to the shape that they are naturally….. if you want your shape to be dramatically different please consider the Hi-Brow treatment explained above or even eyebrow tattooing click here for more information

Eyebrow shape

10 mins – £7.50 Waxing 10 mins – £8.50 Threading

Eyebrow tint

10 mins – £7 (tint test is required 24 hours before treatment)

Eyebrow shape & tint

15 mins – £13.50 (tint test is required 24 hours before treatment)

Eyelash tint

15 mins – £10.00 (tint test is required 24 hours before treatment)

Eyelash & eyebrow tint & shape

30 mins – £22 (tint test is required 24 hours before treatment)


eyes 1

Eyelash lift

button45 mins – £30 test is required 24 hours before treatment. The ultimate lash lifting system to enhance and emphasise the eyes. Creating the illusion of length and volume that lasts up to 8 weeks Add an eyelash tint to this treatment for extra va-va-voom £10.00.

Lash extensions-temporary

Thickening and lengthening natural lashes. Perfect for that special night out, and can last up to and over a week Full set – £20

Semi permanent – Classic Lashes

buttonLash extensions, incredibly natural looking eyelashes which are made to look identical to human lashes. Using a highly skilled application technique, one lash at a time is applied onto the existing lash which simply transforms your natural lashes into lush, beautiful longer lashes.The lashes are weightless, waterproof and feel like your own.

Semi Permanent – Russian Lashes


Russian Lashes is a technique that involves adhering synthetic, ultra-fine lashes that are ‘handmade’ on the spot into a fan then adhered to ONE Natural Lash.  Because they are ultra fine they are lightweight, and because multiple lashes are applied to one lash they are much fuller, the results are amazing…….. please take a look at our facebook page for photos

Is there a maintenance programme?

Like your nails and the hair on your head, your individual eyelashes grow out on a continuous cycle of replenishment.The average cycle is about 90 days.While some individual eyelash extensions may last as long as 2 months, to ideally maintain the thickness and fullness and for best results, we recommend maintenance approximately 2-3 weekly.The cost of this again depends on the factors listed above.

After Care

Your LASHES are precious. To keep them beautiful and long lasting, correct care and maintenance is required. Do not allow water to contact lashes for the first 2 hours after any LASH treatment; Do not steam face or use a steam bath, or wash face with hot water for 24 hours after your LASH treatment; Do not use water proof mascara or mascara remover on as this will affect the bonding. Only use water based mascara; Do not perm false lashes; Do not use a lash curler; this will damage both the lash extension and natural lashes. Do not rub eyes or lashes when washing face, always pat the lashes dry after cleansing. Never try to pull the lashes out, this will pull your own lashes out and can leave you with bald patches. Always allow your therapist to remove your lashes professionally.


Classic – Lash extensions

Full set  – £40 Please allow a glue test 24 hours before treatment

Infills – £25

Removal £20

Russian Lash extensions

Full set – £65

2 week infills – £25

3 week infills – £30

4 week infills – £35

If we are infilling lashes that have been done at another salon its £40

Removal £20