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What is cosmetic tattooing?

Cosmetic tattooing is the art of placing specifically designed cosmetic tattoo pigments into the designated facial area. Cosmetic tattooing is more superficial than body art tattoos and the pigments used are extremely different to inks used on the body. Cosmetic tattooing fades to allow for facial movements, ageing and changes in trends. 

What is the difference between digital cosmetic tattooing ( powder/ombré brows) and microblading?

Digital Cosmetic Tattooing is the art of placing pigment into the Dermis with a cosmetic tattoo machine. It is a safe method of implanting lots of pigment into the skin as the needle injects the pigment at hundreds of times per second. This yields longer lasting results.

Microblading is the art of implanting pigment into the Dermis with a manual hand tool and microblade. Each scratch of the skin deposits pigment into it.

Lisa does not perform microblading if you would like more information please go to …… 

Suzanne White performs Microblading here at the Elysium, please contact her direct for an appointment.

What is powder/ombré brows?

Using the digital machine allows soft pixels of colour to be layered onto the brows to create the perfect shape, which results in more of a “velvet” soft eyebrow powder look.

Why does cosmetic tattooing fade?

Pigments are used for cosmetic tattooing. Pigments are different to the inks that are used in body art. Pigments are made of metals and minerals that the body breaks down and utilises over time. Everyone fades at different rates. Factors which affect cosmetic tattooing retention includes but is not limited to; vitamin and mineral levels of client, medical circumstances, sun exposure, facial exfoliation, activity levels, skin type (oily, dry, combination), aftercare procedure. 

Lisa provides each client with the best possible treatment and post care advice to ensure the longevity of each and every tattoo.

What equipment is used to complete procedure?

Lisa uses a digital machine specifically designed for cosmetic tattooing to complete her tattooing procedures.

The digital machine is a safer method of implanting pigment into the facial area than the microblade. It implants more pigment throughout the procedure, giving clients a longer lasting finish which is designed not to cause long term scarring or skin damage.

What is the healing process?

Dry healing is recommended by Lisa, Therefore you will need to organise your daily schedule to accommodate for 7 days of dry healing (no getting your eyebrows wet), no sweating and no exercise. 

Your eyebrows will go through a 4 week healing process which will involve them initially being dark for up to 5 – 10 days, then will then flake and the true colour will show over the total 4 weeks healing time. 

All results vary per person.  A detailed aftercare leaflet is given to every client at their treatment. 

How is the tattoo designed?

Lisa works with clients to discuss and draw in the right shape based on clients face and natural eyebrow. No tattooing starts until both Lisa and the client are happy. 

Please bare in mind that no ones face is symmetrical and although Lisa does her utmost to ensure symmetry, this may not always be possible to achieve.

How long does the procedure take?

Each procedure is different but please allow 2-3 hrs for your treatment

How long does cosmetic tattooing last?

The amount of time a cosmetic tattoo lasts varies vastly from person to person. Every effort is made by Lisa to ensure the longevity of every tattoo by providing the most up to date and state of the art techniques and aftercare. On average most clients get between 8 – 18 months out of their cosmetic tattoo before needing a maintenance visit. If a client choose not to continue with cosmetic tattooing their initial design will eventually fade.

How many visits are needed?

2 visits are required to complete your cosmetic tattoo procedure. The second visit or “perfection visit” is included into the price of your initial treatment but must be within 4-6 weeks, failure to attend your second visit within the allocated amount of time will forfeit your second visit.  The second visit is needed to perfect your new eyebrows. At this appointment small edits can be made, colour adjusted and shape played with. If major changes to the original design are made, a third visit may be required.

Some clients who; have oily skin, taking medications, extremely active, require a change in design, colour or want to go darker or lighter may require an additional perfection visit.

Does cosmetic tattooing hurt?

Strong numbing agents are used throughout each procedure to ensure client comfortability. Most clients do not feel any discomfort.

Clients are required to complete neccessary authorisation forms and patch tests.


I was so excited to have my eyebrows done, having seen the results on a friend.. I have always has HD brows so felt they were already in good shape, but just wanted them to look good everyday without having to fill them in daily... The process was simple, drawn first to get them perfect and then the tattoo process it’s self..having never had a tattoo was curious about how it felt but was actually not one bit painful. A scratching feeling but not painful and doesn’t take that long. The results are amazing! I’m so pleased with them!

The week following I didn’t really see much redness or scabbing or flaking, if there was it was disguised in the brows... just a natural drop off of flakes that appear in your eyebrows.. This is definitely worth doing, I haven’t touched them since and they look perfect! Thanks Lisa xx."

Fiona Lazenby

"Just wanted to leave a review thanking Lisa for the powder brow treatment I recently received. I previously had my very blonde eyebrows microbladed about 18 months ago & they over time faded so after hearing about powder brow treatment from a friend I decided to give it try. Felt very safe in Lisa’s hands , she mapped out my brows before hand & made sure I was happy with the position , shape & colour before starting the procedure . The treatment was a lot less painful than microblading which for me not an enjoyable experience ! Very impressed with the results once the brows had healed (about 2 weeks) & can’t thank Lisa enough for giving me a pair of lovely brows . Microblading vs Powder brows -the way forward in my opinion , is the latter everytime!"

Andrea Twist

"Fantastic experience at Elysium having the powder brow treatment done by Lisa. I have had micro blading done previously and found it to be really painful which put me off having any further top up treatments! Lisa put me as ease straight away. It wasn’t painful and took half the time to do. I am really happy with the results and will definitely have future top up treatments. I can highly recommend having the powder brow treatment."

Rebecca McDade

Price - including Top Up


Aftercare instructions

Day 1-2: Blot brows with clean tissue to remove lymph (clear fluid)

Day 1-7: No exercise,sweating,water or direct sunlight, No makeup,cosmetics,acids,Vit A on brow area.


Do not tint or wax for 2 weeks before or after your new tattoo

Day 7-8: If the brow area is dry you can apply Vaseline for 10 min straight twice a day, then remove with wet cotton pads

Day 8: Continue as normal

If you have any questions contact me anytime!

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