Our new online booking system has been live since October 1st, a couple of minor issues but most have been operator error, so we thought we would give you a few points to get the most out of your experience, it really is a fantastic system, everyone’s loving it!

Choose which way to enter:  You can click on the box ‘Our Mini Site’ or the diary icon on the bottom righthand corner of the screen (for desktop or mobile)

You can then decide what you would like to do: Book an appointment, buy a gift card, or log in to manage your appointments.

When booking appointments please click on the treatment you wish to book, the system will give you the first available appointment, if you wish for a certain therapist you must click the down arrow and then choose your preferred therapist, click ‘Next’ and the system will tell you what times are available.

The system will then ask for your email address to link to your account (if you are a new client go ahead and add your details and it will create your account. (click more to answer all questions)

You can add any notes here which will show up on your reservation.

Our Booking Terms and conditions have not changed and these need to be accepted.

Please do not enter any voucher details, if the voucher was purchased in salon as a hard copy please bring the voucher with you as this will be added manually.  If you have had a voucher emailed to you this will also be added in salon after your treatment, but this will be on the system.

The payment details we ask for are kept securely in our system, We have made the decision not to take online deposits for now, however you will need to input your card details to use online booking. The system will only use these details if the cancellation policy has been activated.  Our cancellation policy hasn’t changed: 24 hours’ notice must be given to change, reschedule, or cancel an appointment, your card will be charged 50% of the total appointment value.  100% will be charged if less than 12 hours’ notice is given or you simply don’t turn up.  If you arrive late and a treatment cannot be carried out a charge will also be incurred. Please note we do not want to charge anyone, but please understand that our therapists, hairdressers, and professionals are all self-employed, if you miss an appointment and we cannot re-fill it, it’s the individual’s earnings that are affected; we really hope you understand this. There are of course always emergencies and exceptional circumstances that we will deal with on an individual basis.

Book your appointments online 24 / 7.  If you can’t see a treatment online you would like to book, this will mean either there’s no availability, it’s temporarily unavailable, or the treatment selected cannot be booked without consultation, in this instance please do message us or call us on the details provided to discuss in more detail.

If you are booking a number of appointments this also maybe easier to call or message us for us to do over the phone as we can move or alter breaks to accommodate you, the online system cannot.

Purchase gift cards – sent out electronically, you just need the persons email address.

If you really don’t want to use online booking you don’t have to, you can continue to call, use messenger or make your repeat appointments in salon. We have made the change to go fully automated as we know people were getting frustrated at the time it took to get booked in, the majority of people are busy and want an instant appointment. We still reserve the right to contact you to move an appointment booked online or in salon if for any reason we can no longer service your appointment.