On the 29th May we will be fitting a new locking system to the front door.

Eight months ago (after months of you asking us) we finally upgraded our management system so that clients could book their appointments online, you can see the availability book the slot required, all at a time that suits you, manage your appointments and purchase gift cards. This has been the single best decision we have made; you have told us how much you love it!

After lockdown we no longer had a receptionist do deal with people popping into the salon to make appointments, purchase gift cards etc. Our staff are all self-employed and busy with their clients in booked appointments, and simply don’t have time to deal with the reception. So, we have made the decision to no longer be a ‘walk in salon’ you can do everything online as mentioned but if you don’t wish to use the online portal you can call us or message us as you would always do and someone will get back to you.

The best / quickest way to change appointments, cancel reschedule etc is absolutely online when you have done it once you will love it. If you really don’t want to use our website then the next best way to communicate with us is by Facebook messenger (therapists see this in-between appointments) if you don’t want to purchase a gift card online and prefer a hard copy simply message us and we will discuss when this could be picked up from us or sent out to you. If you are not on Facebook simply leave us a message on our answerphone and someone will get back to you.

Please do refrain from emailing us as we do unfortunately miss these due to the amount of spam received.
The new locking system will be working from 29th May, however we would please ask that you follow the new system from now, it really would help us a lot.

On the 29th May the new locking system will have a passcode pad and a ring doorbell, the instruction will be on the door and are as follows:-

Pass code pad

Is for clients who have an appointment. Please use the pass code given to you upon making the appointment it will be on both your email and text (this pass code will change periodically so make sure you check this each time). Come in and be seated, your therapist / hairdresser will be with you shortly.

Ring door bell

Is for Deliveries and Post only please do not press this for anything salon related.

Please follow the instructions above and refrain from knocking on the door as therapists / hairdressers will be in treatment.

We hope you understand why we have taken the decision to do this, for the reasons above and also from a safety point of view. The salon can be open late on the evenings and therapists may find themselves working alone, unfortunately in this day and age we don’t think its safe to do so!

Other news

In other May news we are still on the hunt for a fully qualified beauty therapist to join our team, we have had lots of interest in the position but due to experience we just haven’t found the right person. As advertised, the person is to be experienced and ready to take on our clients from the get go, however, training will be given for our more specialist treatments.

If you are interested or know someone who might be please get in touch.

The information is below:-

Our acupuncturist Sarah has a couple of packages for you to choose from with mini treatments you can try. These are ready to book online.